Explore the Pacific aboard P&O’s Pacific Explorer

In a nation surrounded by ocean more and more Australians are looking to the sea for their next adventure with cruise bookings continuing to boom. Cruise ships are a familiar sight on the waters of Sydney harbour but the way for today’s cruise visitors was paved by P&O which began cruising in Australia back 1932.

P&O currently operates six ships from Australian ports but is about to refresh its fleet.  The 70,310 ton Pacific Jewel will retire in March with the 55,820 ton Pacific Eden to follow in April. They will be replaced by the 108,977 ton Star Princess and the 108,865 ton Golden Princess which will both be rebadged as P&O ships. The Golden Princess joins the fleet in 2020 and the Star Princess in 2021.

The Golden Princess will become the Pacific Adventure and will be the largest P&O ship in the Australian fleet in October 2020.

One thing which won’t be changing is the 77,441 ton Pacific Explorer which joined the fleet in 2017. She will continue to carry passengers into Sydney and other Australian ports but will be based Brisbane once the Pacific Adventure joins the fleet.

Larger than her current fleetmates the Pacific Explorer offers plenty of options to keep busy at sea including two waterslides for the family, a waterpark, zip lining, rock climbing and even a barefoot bowling green.

Here are a few snapshots of the Pacific Explorer I’ve taken over the past year.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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